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I’ve graduated in Advertising and Digital media in 2015. I currently work at BUBKA, a Belgian advertising agency. As a Digital Project Manager I work for big brands such as 20th Century Fox, Dr. Oetker, Mora, Bosto, Bebat, Lutti, … I have been working there for 3,5 years now.

Iā€™m a project manager so I manage all digital projects for my clients. With our team we make a digital strategy how to achieve the goal they ask for. Besides this more strategic task, I also do quite a lot of executive work such as writing social copy and blogposts, updating websites in WordPress, making content calendars, scheduling posts and ads, building newsletters, analyzing the results in Google Analytics, optimizing a website’s SEO… A lot of different tasks, with focus on digital media.

Some examples of our campaigns:

Lutti’s shift to digital

Bebat’s “Used battery month”

Online advertising for 20th Century Fox movies

Scroll through our social content for Mora

Bosto’s new brand positioning

More? ?www.bubka.be