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During my extra year of Digital Media at Thomas More, we were divided in teams and got the task to build a webshop which would sell the famous Belgian candy β€œcuberdon”. If you don’t know this little piece of sweetness, you should taste it whenever you visit Belgian (be prepared ’cause you will also have to taste Belgian fries, chocolate and beer, healthy days! πŸ™‚ )

The target group we focused on was selling cuberdons online in foreign countries. We came up with a concept of sending a box of cuberdons just like sending a postal card.Β 

The vintage box contained 6 cuberdons and people were able to add a personal text at the back of the box. In this way we wanted to make clear sending cuberdons is just as easy and fast as sending a postal card.

We build a dummy webshop using Shopify (see picture at the top of this page).


During this project I designed the logo and the packaging.

And built the webshop using the CMS Shopify:Β www.pitchbatman.myshopify.com

This was a project for school, but one of my “dreams” is to built my own webshop one day. πŸ™‚