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One of my best friends asked me to help her with her thesis to graduate in Tourism. I helped them out with the graphic “translation” of their ideas. The organization of a big trip with family is not easy peasy, unless you have an aunt with super organization skills. That’s why they came up with the idea to invent the organization “GeSa – Gezellig Samen Reizen” (Traveling Together), which offers family trips for big families. Make it easy to travel with kids, parents, grandparents,… The trips were built up around 3 big themes: cultural activities, gastronomical activities and sports activities.


The logo needed to be playful and should show all generations, since it is easy to travel with your whole family.

It’s built up so the 3 icon’s can be used on it’s own as well in other communication.


To make clear GeSa offers trips in 3 big theme’s, I made 3 versions of the poster. Every poster focussed on one of the 3 themes: culture, gastronomy or sports. The poster needed to make people wanna go on a trip with their whole family. You wanna take your family on a trip already? 😉