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After happily working at the Belgian Advertising Agency BUBKA for 4 years I decided it was time for a next step. Travelling many many times to Morocco for surf holidays and having a strong desire to live abroad, made me decide to work as a Marketing Manager for a surf camp. After sending many open applications, I finally saw a job opening, and was hired as a Marketing Manager at Solid Surf House in Indonesia. This surf house happens to have the same owner as the very first surf house I went to in Morocco back in 2013. So 6 years after visiting as a guest, I became a member of the team and moved to Indonesia in 2019 and stayed 2 years.

Solid Surf House is an international Surf Company with locations around the world offering surf & yoga holidays in Morocco, Bali, Sri Lanka & Portugal. My main tasks as a Marketing Manager were taking care of paid online media such as Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram ads, taking care and updating the website, partnerships, e-mailmarketing, ongoing social content, leading the content production by our photo- and videographers and also helping out a bit with the organisation of trips, activities and general customer care although this was mainly the tasks of the hosts, location and operation managers.

Some examples our team worked on:

new website:

Social media: 


Promo video’s:
Sri Lanka Promo Video

Morocco Promo Video

Bali Promo Video

Solid Merch Promo Video

Surf Academy Aftermovie Java
(fun fact, voice-over done by real Solid Surf House guests 😉
This video still gives me the chills!)